Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Course Highlights:

  1. 7 QC tools taught alongside each phase
  2. Experienced trainer

  3. Practice sessions

  4. Approved CPD course material

  5. Accredited course

Cost INR

15,000/- + GST

Course Duration

3 Days

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Quality
  2. Define
    • To Develop a Project Charter
    • To use different tools to identify the needs of the customer
    • To transform customer needs into Critical To Quality elements
    • To develop high level process map.
  3. Measure
    • Focusing on improvement by gathering information on current situation
    • Defining one or more CTQ characteristics
    • Detailed process mapping Assessing the current process performance
    • Establishing short term and long-term sigma capabilities
    • Quantifying the problem
  4. Analyze
    • Determine the vital X’s that impact the Y
    • Different data types and their selection and tests
    • Identify the various hypothesis
    • Select tools to prove or disprove the hypothesis Data collection
    • Performing statistical tests
    • If the cause id significant, making recommendation for the Improve Phase
  5. Improve
    • To develop a solution
    • Forming an improvement strategy
    • Quantify financial opportunities
    • To ensure that the proposed solution will meet and or exceed the targets.
    • Pilot: involves smaller amount of tests real time in real environment.
    • Statistically ensure that improvement exists (Hypothesis tests) Identify the resources needed to implement the changes on a full scale. To plan and execute the full-scale changes.
  6. Control
    • To ensure that the process stays under control after implementing the changes.
    • To quickly detect the caused that can affect the process and due to which the process can go out of control and also to determine the following:
      • Associated causes of cause of variance.
      • To take immediate action and rectify the situation before any nonconformity can be raised.

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